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Minding My Own Business

Dear Friend,

My kids sometimes tell on each other. It is obvious that their main motivation is to get the other in trouble. But I suspect that they also think that they are fulfilling some duty to me or to the family by keeping me “informed” about all of the bad stuff that goes on around here.

Usually, my wife and I chastise our kids for telling. We say that being a tattle is not good. I believe that living in a free society requires that we do no ill to others, but it does not require that we be the eyes and ears of the State. Unless something real bad is about to happen to my friend or to some innocent, frankly I mind my own business. It’s a judgment call, so it’s a hard lesson to teach.

When you set out on a journey through life, one of the questions that you have to ask yourself is, “Am I on a mission to change the world to conform to what I think that it should be?” Or, alternatively, “Am I on a mission to change me to conform to the way I want to be?”

May I humbly suggest that we will all be more successful in our endeavors if our main efforts at change focus first and foremost on ourselves.

Just my opinion. What do you think?

All the best,


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