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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Dealing With Family Finances

Clean RVDear Friend,

My crew has been hanging out in suburban Houston, Texas, this past week.

While we were here, we bumped into a guy washing RVs. He had the right equipment, a hard-working crew, and a go-to attitude. Considering the absolutely appalling condition of the Warrior, it was a no-brainer – he got our business.

While he and his crew transformed the Warrior into something that actually looked good, we learned a bit about the owner of this little enterprise, called Rose Touch Mobile Detailing.

Laren Rose was laid off last February from his job as a police officer.  Like a lot of people these days, he found himself wondering what to do next.  While scraping up coins under the sofa cushions and otherwise making his family finances work somehow, he came up with a great idea.

There are so many expensive RVs in those upscale RV parks.  Many of their owners have more cash than the rest of us, having sold out their old homes just before the real estate crash.  And their age makes keeping their rigs as clean as they prefer rather difficult.  The gray-hair set is a close community out here, and most of these folks were raised to keep their things looking good.

Enter Mr Rose.  These days he has a custom van covered in professional advertising.  And a fast crew who just get the job done.

Many of us are facing a situation similar to Mr R0se.  We find ourselves at an involuntary crossroads in our life.  Perhaps fate is sending you a signal?  Maybe this is your big chance to stop working and start living?

Sure, Mr Rose is working – hard.  But his work is for himself – his own business.  He now controls his hours, and controls when he takes a quick break to spend time with the family.  There is a direct and visible connection between the sweat of his brow and the well-being of his family.

The economy just looks worse every day.  And I believe it will get worse, too, if that’s possible.  But it doesn’t have to get worse for you.  Join the new economy.  Join those of us for whom the future is a bright shining star.

Life’s too short to live in fear of what’s coming.  So don’t.

Mr Rose sure isn’t.  He is a classic entrepreneur.  You can be too.

Do you have ideas for a new business or way to fund your family lifestyle?  Share them with us (if you don’t mind).  Opportunities surround us.  We just aren’t trained how to look for them.  Your ideas and thoughts can help us all to bolster our family finances.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


P.S.:  If you happen to be in the South Houston area and your vehicle in need of a good wash, you can reach Mr Rose at (713) 878-2596.

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  • Hugh DeBurgh November 21, 2010, 3:59 pm

    Hi Nicone!

    I am so sorry that I’ve been so hard to reach! Thank you so much for the awesome interview!
    Hugh 🙂

  • Hugh DeBurgh November 21, 2010, 4:20 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart-rending story!

    You are experiencing the worst that these bad economic times have to offer, and you are directly taking on what seems like an impossible challenge these days – staying true to your family while trying to provide for them.

    I believe that this is the biggest challenge that families face today. You and your husband are trying to carve a new kind of lifestyle, but at a time and pace forced on you by the times. It is really hard to do this when you are under the gun.

    I’m sure you guys are doing everything that you can do. If it were me, I would consider outside jobs but I’d avoid long-term commitments to “careers” that would lock me out of being with my family later on, when our financial situation had improved. This generally means accepting lower-paid work. But your husband might want to consider temporary, contract or consulting work, if something like that is available to him. I wish him the best in his entrepreneurial endeavor.

    Our parents and their parents consistently focused their life on survival over quality-of-life. I know my dad would have taken that job without hesitation, because he was raise to be the “provider”. But I didn’t see my dad much when I was a kid, and it shows in our relationship to this day. We never really had the opportunity to bond, I think.

    I applaud you and your husband for what you are striving for. And I believe that your relationship with your kids will reflect your dedication to them for many years to come.

    All my very best,


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