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She’s Baaaack!

The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior

Dear Friend,

That right!

The DeBurgh family’s rolling home, which we affectionately call the Road Warrior, veteran of our 14,500 mile wanderings across North America, is back from RV rehab and better than ever!

In fact, she is so clean and shiny, inside and out, that she looks better than the first day we saw her!

My good friend John, to whom I entrust the lives of our DeBurgh band when it comes to keeping the Warrior in tip-top shape, tells me that she needed some engine filter TLC, and she got it.  Every filter he could find is new, fluids are clean, changed or topped off, and all is ready to take on the next leg of our journey to the northeast United States and eastern Canada.

Fun Time RVWe did get some sad news yesterday evening, however.  It seems that our good friends at Fun Time RV in Cleburne, Texas, came to work this week only to discover the doors barred.  Their bankers, GE Capital, reportedly called their loans, and now they are shut – apparently for good.  They were the largest trailer dealer in the United States, with over 100 employees.

This is a huge hit for the community there in Cleburne (pronounced “Clee-burn”), as well as for their customers, fans, and of course those employees.  Even their competitors were concerned to hear the news.  I guess that the financial people aren’t betting on the economy improving, and would rather take their chances on a fire sale of Fun Time’s inventory to satisfy their loans.

We lucked out, as we got the Warrior out of there before any of this happened.

Cleburne, Texas, had come to feel like a second home for us.  We wish the best to all of our friends at Fun Time!  The DeBurgh gang is thinking of you! 🙂

All the best,


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