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Down Mexico Way?

RVing in Mexico

RVing in Mexico

Dear Friend,

I am proud to announce that I am writing next week’s guest post at The Bold Life, Tess Marshall’s excellent blog at http://theboldlife.com.  Should be posted on Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to speaking to Tess’ followers about my unique approach to living the family life.  I hope that you’ll stop by there and check it out!

We are getting closer to getting on the road.  I just received the excellent two-DVD set, RVing in Mexico, from Kevin and Jeanne Shipman’s Roving Productions.  You can pick up your own copy here.

After reading all of the fear mongering about traveling south of the border, this production was a breath of fresh air.  Filmed during a twelve-month RV journey around Mexico in 2004, the scenery is gorgeous, and the reports detailed and very helpful.  I have also found the discussion groups at RV.net quite enlightening as well.

Are we going to Mexico?  Not decided yet.  You know that I despise planning!  Anyway, I would want to install an Internet satellite dish on the Warrior before heading down that way.  And do more research.  If we decide to go, you’ll be the first to know.  I promise!

I am now targeting the first week in February as our escape window.  The Fun Time RV dealership service department in Texas where the Warrior languishes while awaiting repairs won’t return my phone calls, which isn’t a good sign, though I assume it’s because they aren’t done yet.

Still, a follow up would be refreshingly professional.

I’ll be posting more of the 7 Secrets soon.  These are really the core of my philosophy and are what you will need to absorb if you want to take the plunge and change your family life forever.  So if you haven’t read them yet, please check them out.

Until later, your friend,


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