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We Did It!



Dear Friend,

We Did It!

Tonight we completed a circumnavigation of North America by RV when we arrived at the campground in Cleburne, Texas, where our journey began this past June.

It’s been a long road, and it was fantastic!  In fact, I do not want to leave my crowded little home.  Because it is home.  My family is here.  We have everything that we need.  What else really matters?  (OK, some privacy would be nice).

Tomorrow we head to Virginia in a rented 12-passenger van, loaded with us and souvenirs that we picked up along the way.  The Warrior stays here to get patched up and ready for our post-holiday travel leg.

Once back in Virginia it’s catching up on doctors appointments, Christmas shopping, and all that stuff.  Woopie! 😐

Oh well, it’ll be fun to see some of the folks that we left back home.

‘Til later,


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