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Warning – Bison Crossing

Dear Friend,

The new Families Without Limits book will be available for sale online in a day or two.  I hope that you’ll pick up a copy!  I’ll give you more details as I have them.

Today we toured Yellowstone National Park.  We rented a big SUV and a little GPS device that acts as a tour guide within the Park.  This device actually has way-points programmed into it and as you approach a point of interest a narration is broadcast over the FM radio.  Very cool, considering taking a live narrated tour would have cost us hundred of dollars.

One thing I like about Canada is that they often have a “family rate” for admission to sites, which saves me substantially over paying six separate admission fees.  I don’t see this in the States.

I understand that on a tour bus a kid takes up one seat the same as a full paying adult, but I just can’t justify spending $300 for a couple of hours when I can spend $200 for two and a half days of fully-narrated touring in my own, huge, rented SUV.

Anyway, my wife continues to take breathtaking photographs.  I hope that she will finally put together a portfolio so that the rest of the world can enjoy her considerable talent.  Perhaps she’ll let me post a few here?  We’ll see.

We spent quite a bit of time today in a Park traffic jam as a herd of Bison decided to sit down in the only road in or out of the Park.  Always an interesting experience.  We have seen so much wildlife in its natural habitat during our journey.  I hope that this bodes well for the state of our environment.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on the book release.  Thanks so much for following the travels of the Warrior crew!

All the best,


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