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Have I Lost My Mind?!?

whineDear Friend,

Today, a thought flashed through my mind.  For one moment, I wondered what the he** I was doing thinking that I could drag seven people into a little rolling box and expect to have a good time.

Well, it’s true.  If I was starting from scratch, and my life would be built around one dream (which in my case involves exploration and travel), I probably wouldn’t have included all of these other people.

You know, maybe I’d bring my sweetie to hug on once in a while, while we careened off to nowhere,  together discovering that we already have all that we need.

But, real life never works that way.  We aren’t born with wisdom, and by the time we get it, we’re too old to enjoy it.

So the only alternative for me – for any of us, really – is to take the life that we’ve got, and just make it work.  It’s either that or just sit around and complain about the fact that our current life just won’t let us live our dreams.  It’s just unfair!  Boo hoo!

Sheeze.  Nobody want’s to hear you complain, especially you.

So shut up and make it work.  And once you get going, drop me a line and tell what you’re doing and how you did it.  We can commiserate about all of the crap that we have to put up with in order to live our dreams.

Now that kind of complaining I’ll listen to!

Have a great day!


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