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Pre-Trip Jitters

Dear Friend,

I got a nice note today from Stuart Wickes of the Family Adventure Project (http://familyadventureproject.blogspot.com).

Stuart was commenting on my last post about pre-trip anxiety. I guess that’s why I have a headache tonight after being out all day tying up loose ends before we shove off!

I was reading Stuart’s blog and I loved a list that he had made of the mindset necessary for a happy family journey. I agree with him completely on this, and (with your kind indulgence, Stuart) have repeated his list verbatim below:

1 Positive attitude(!)
2 Patience and flexibility.
3 Determination (but only if you really want to get there)
4 Imagination (to overcome whatever obstacles you encounter)
5 Good route choices (safe, quiet= enjoyable, past interesting things to stop at)
6 Clear goals everyday (that everyone’s on board with)
7 Keep everyone looking ahead (things to look forward to: today, in a few days, this week, next)
8 Well managed expectations (about hills, hard days, easy days, when to stop, where to stay)
9 Staying open to unexpected (even if it slows you down or takes you off route)
10 Accommodating everyone’s needs (the hardest but probably most important)

Would you add anything else? What do you think?

Please give me (and Stuart) your thoughts!

All the best,


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