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Cookin' at the Wal-Mart

Dear Friend,

After our regular trip to the RV service center today to do some last minute debugging to the SS Road Warrior, we headed down the road to Houston, Texas.

We plan to visit a local Montessori middle school in Houston.

Montessori educational approach is best understood in the PreK and Kindergarten years, and sometimes for Elementary schools. Yet it is a rarely used conceptual approach to dealing with education in the middle school years.

We hope to learn more about what they are doing and then to pass on this info to other members of our local community who are thinking of starting such a school.

We also may visit the Johnson Space Center to expose our kids to the manned space program, something that affected me greatly as a child and yet is almost invisible to today’s children.

Our future route man take us through lower Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. Perhaps a stop at a beach is in order?

Tonight we reside in the outer parking lot of a Houston Wal-Mart. Our companions are a couple of over-the-road truckers who are trying to catch a few winks before heading off to distant locales.

Originally we were going to stay at a local campground, but when we arrived we were notified that it was completely full. It didn’t look that good to me anyway.

We were quite surprised that the campground was full as just last night we stayed at a first class campground further north that was practically empty. Maybe we should go back!

Anyway, the journey continues…

Talk to you soon,


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