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Death and Life

Death and Life

Death and Life

Dear Friend,

As I sit here a man is dying next to me.

Each breath comes with great effort. He is not conscious. Suffering from a devastating and rare brain disease I watch as the most basic parts of his brain struggle to keep his lungs bringing in life-giving oxygen.

Around me children play, oblivious to what is happening. Adults speak of funeral arrangements and the cost of tombstones. Neighbors stop by and drop off food baskets and messages of condolence.

I know this man. I guess considering his condition (he is oblivious to all around him) perhaps I should say that I “knew” this man. He was a funny guy. He lived a rather extraordinary life. He could tell a great story. He built small houses and mini barns and read tons of late 19th and early 20th Century novels by obscure authors. He collected teapots.

He was a man. With a life. And now it ends. As I suppose it will for us all.

I think that he lived a good life. Perhaps he had regrets but he never spoke of them. He was able to leave a bit of money behind for his widow and children but not a great deal.

And that’s about it. Someday that will be me. Or perhaps you. Breathing our last breaths. Dying. No one wants to think about it. No one wants to die. I suppose the best that we can do is to resolve to live more every day. To fear less, and to refuse to compromise on what really matters.

Live life like one day that will be you. I am going to strive to do the same. I think that this is all that any of us can do. Perhaps this is all that life is about. Just living each day.

Just my thoughts on a somber day. Hope your day is brighter.

All the best,


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