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Dear Friend,

I had a nice talk with my mom today. She’ll soon be 74 and it’s starting to show, tho’ I don’t let on. She just lost one of her older sisters, and I can see in her look that the prospect of life’s end looms in her mind.

Like most parents and kids, there are things that my mom and I don’t agree about. And she really does have the power to drive me insane if she is determined to. I could unload a mountain on her of what she loaded on us kids in our lifetimes.

But despite all of that. Despite all of the unfinished business between us. Despite all of the misunderstandings that will never be understood, I know that our time really is short now. So I’m just going to forget all of that and say, “Hi!” when I see her next. I’m just going to be a friend and listen. I think that’s what adult children are for. What do you think?

All the best,


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