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Notice the Little Moments

Little Moments Are What Matter Most

Dear Friend,

Life is full of difficult challenges, painful adjustments and thrilling surprises. But most of life is those moments in between.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in focus on the emotionally powerful parts of our lives – those issues that make the greatest impression on us. But life is really all the little moments that happen everyday. While we obsess over our job prospects or worry about that child or relationship or prepare for that big event, life is passing us by.

The greatest philosophers have always known that life is what happens while we are planning other things. But most of us forget that truism in the ding of everyday existence.

Knowing that the most important part of your life is the very part that you are living at this moment, not some event past or yet to come, is a powerful realization that can relieve your mind of so much angst. Our emotions are primitive things that evolved long before our modern, rational mind. While our mind lives in time – the past and the future – our emotions can comprehend only this moment. When we sulk about the past, our emotions think something bad is happening now, and so we feel bad. When we expect some future event, again our emotions can only comprehend that it is occurring now, and begin to react as if it’s all here, now.

This is why worry is so damaging, and a positive attitude so powerfully energizing.

If you feel sad, stop and look around you. No matter what else is happening in your life, if the world around you is safe and comfortable, and the people around you are pleasant, then focus on those truths, and the sadness will dissipate. In fact, most of our lives are pretty good – not ecstatic nor tragic – just simply peaceful. When we focus on the moments, we find that our lives are generally pretty good, and our emotional state is much more livable.

Take charge of your emotions. When times are bad, live in the moment. When things are looking up, by all means live in the glory of what is to come. Just remember, a lot of the time you spend moping around is time you are wasting – time you could be enjoying all that every moment has to offer.

So here’s to feeling great every day!

All the best,


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  • JassiAprons September 27, 2011, 9:49 am

    Sometimes we just have to be reminded. Thankyou for that, I needed it =)

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