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Paying Your Family’s Bills

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills

Life Takes Money - Where Will Yours Come From?

Dear Friend,

Solid family finances are a key part of a successful family lifestyle design.

As you know, I write about all aspects of family lifestyle design.  And occasionally I write about ways that you and your family might finance your new life.

My criteria for talking about a money-making method is simple – it just needs to be a method that can be used by someone who is also actively raising a family and doesn’t want the way they make money to define the way they live.

Up to now there is one method of financing that I have been silent about, even though it fits our lifestyle approach to a tee – Internet Marketing.

Why haven’t I talked about it?

Because I don’t think most people trust Internet marketers. Or any marketers, for that matter.  Can you blame them?  Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to live than as an information marketer. But there is so much crap out there, and get-rich-quick garbage, that my head gets dizzy just trying to comprehend it all.  And who do you trust?

I’ve been following this stuff for years, and even I have a tough time.  I am trained in marketing, and I’ve spent my life surrounded by this field, so I can usually sniff out a used car salesman when I see one.

I finally realized today that I’ve been doing both you and me a disservice.  Because of my shame over a few who give the industry a bad name, I’ve avoided it entirely.  When what I should have been doing is telling you what I know, and sharing with you my views about what might work for you and what you should likely avoid.

You would benefit from my experience, and, if you did decide to buy something, the seller would send me a thank-you commission for telling my followers about his product.  It’s win-win.

Does the fact I will benefit financially make my recommendations suspect?  You will have to decide that.  I promise you unvarnished truth.  I’m awful at lying anyway – otherwise I’d still be working in the marketing and law fields myself! 🙂

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to peruse the world of Internet marketing, looking for ideas and products that seem well suited to our unique family lifestyles.  Every so often, if I see something that I think might work, I’ll check it out as best I can.  If I’ve actually put my hands on it and tried it out, I’ll say so.  If I have doubts, I’ll say so. If I think it’s the second coming, I’ll tell you that, too.

If I think any of you might find the product of value, I’ll write a short piece about it. I may also include a link to that products “Buy” page.  It will be an affiliate link.  That means that if you do choose to buy it, I should get some kind of commission.  Not from you – from the seller.

Anyway, that is honestly the best way I know to help you to find better methods of financing your lifestyle.

But I need your help.

I don’t really know where to start.  And, rather than just pick some product and start chatting, I want to hear from you.

What experiences have you had with Internet related money-making products?  MLM?  Whatever?  I’m not picky.

So, now it’s back to you.

Please post a comment, or send me an email to hugh(at)hughdeburgh(dot)com.

Tell me what you know and what you’d like to know more about.  If you don’t know much about this area, but you’d like to make money in a certain way, let me know that, too.  I can scan the horizon for stuff that you might have an interest in.

And remember, there are many more folks out there who probably have the same questions – they’re just too shy to speak up.  So responding to this call will be helping them out, too.

Thanks so much for your feedback and ideas.  I really appreciate them!

All the best,

Hugh 🙂

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