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Why Can’t You Do It Now?

Dear Friend,

The number one reaction I get from people when they learn about our family lifestyle is, “Man, I wish I could do that!”

So I am now putting out a challenge to you.

I want to hear from every one of you!

Post a reply to this post, or just drop me an email if you prefer, and explain to me what in your life stands in your way of living an awesome family lifestyle.  What’s keeping you from living the life you really want?  Right now. Today. Immediately.

I will be choosing several of your responses and re-posting them here, along with my personal advice on how you can move beyond those barriers and get your dream family lifestyle in gear as fast as possible.

The whole point of this site is to help you.  And my greatest goal is to find creative strategies to help you to get past whatever it is that you think stands between your life today and your dream family lifestyle.

But first, I need to understand what barriers most folks are facing.  So I really need your help as much as you may need mine.

The sooner you get your reply in to me the better.  Forget about spelling, grammar, etc.  I just need to hear from your heart.  I can fix the other stuff.

So, let me have it.  I’m ready!  My email address is hugh (at) hughdeburgh (dot) com

All the best,


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  • Rmwfritz September 16, 2010, 2:00 pm

    I have wanted on more than one occassion to make a dramatic lifestyle change. We (my husband and two young boys and I) even contemplated selling or renting our home which is paid off and going on the road in an rv and roadschool as we currently homeschool, but my work hasn’t as yet approved for me to work 100% virtual. So, we are tied to the area for as long as I must show face in the office on a weekly basis. I currently get to work part of the week from home. We did find on a road trip that working from the road is challenging when it comes to signal strength and connectivity. Unfortunately, I cannot just chuck my job and go for it as I would like to. We are trying to pay off home remodelling bills and boat and vehicle loans.
    Tried to sell the boat but had not takers. Ended up selling our old rv and getting a mini-van for a cheap 2nd vehicle. On a more positive note….my hubby drove the mini-van to myh hometown and found work with my brother which is making possible inroads for us to get to live closer to family some time in the future. We would have this home and one there. Having the 2nd income back will help bring that future freedom closer to reality…and who knows…maybe we will get to roadschool still someday.

  • Ben September 16, 2010, 10:38 pm

    I hurt every day that I go to work, leaving my wife and children (who are unschooled) to live a life that I’m not a part of. I’m ready for major change, but I’m in the netherland between desire and execution. I should say that I’m ready except for one emotional barrier.

    I fear disappointing my wife. I’m no longer clinging to having a nice, big house and the trappings. I know our children would adjust too. I’m afraid my wife isn’t emotionally ready to make that change. If I carry that even farther, I’m afraid of being left for someone that will maintain for her the illusion I no longer cling to. I’m stuck between conflicting needs on Maslow’s hierarchy: love and self-actualization.

    I think communication is the key, but Lack confidence in the approach.

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