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What the Heck is an Autodidact?

The Autodidact Symposium

The Autodidact Symposium

Dear Friend,

Hello from beautiful downtown Columbia, South Carolina!

My crew and I are here to attend The Autodidact Symposium, a gathering with an imposing name but a simple purpose – to allow self-directed learners a place to gather and share ideas, experiences, and friendship.

Primarily, our goal is to meet and hear from other families who have chosen this path for their childrens’ upbringing.  My wife, in particular, is interested in speaking to intelligent, experienced people who can (and have) share their wisdom and experience.

I believe that we will have a better feeling for the unique path that we have chosen as a result of our visit here.

We just got word that the Warrior is ready for pick-up!  So we will depart Columbia and head straight for Dallas, Texas, and our rolling home.

I am quite excited to get back into my other “home.”  And the kids are too!

Until later,


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