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Love Is Everything

Me and the Ones I Love

Me and the Ones I Love

Dear Friend,

As I have traveled through life, I have discovered a few things.

I have always found it interesting how wrong many of my past opinions now seem to me, despite the fact that I was quite confident in those opinions so recently.

And, I quite expect many of my current beliefs to be challenged, and possibly overturned, in the future.

Some might say that I am too wishy-washy.  That we all need to have firm beliefs or else we don’t really stand for anything.

Well, there is one message that I always felt held truth.  Today, I am convinced of that truth.  But more than that, as each year goes by, I am realizing that this one message may very well be the only truth that I know.

What is this message?

Happiness cannot be found in the intellect.  The best that you can hope for there is a quiet sort of peace.  Like death.

True fulfillment lies in the emotions.  But so does agony.

Here’s the key:

The path to happiness lies in eliminating Fear and embracing Love.

Only when you fully embrace love will you fear no one and nothing.

Only when fear is overcome will you know true power.  Only then will success come naturally.  Only then will work disappear as all effort becomes easy.

Only by embracing love as the core definition of who you are will you find freedom.

When you love you, you need no one else.  Yet, by loving you, you radiate love, which becomes compassion, and which lights a fire that surrounds you with others who share in your love and share their love with you.

When you love you, you separate yourself from others who are too lost in their own fear to do anything but douse your warmth.

When you love you, other’s counter opinions are no threat.

When you love you, your faults are funny, not embarrassing.

When you love you, the beauty of others shines much more brightly to you.

When you love you, you live in the light of God.  Religious doctrine means nothing.  No one else holds the key to Heaven, for you live in Heaven every day.

When you love you, life is a pleasant breeze.  Suffering lifts away.  And the suffering of others becomes something that saddens you, even if they show that suffering by trying to hurt you.

You never need suffer another day in your life. You just have to decide to stop trying to control your life.  Instead, envision life as a rough sea.  You can fear that sea, or you can embrace the thrill of surfing it to unknown destinations.

Either way, the sea will not change.  You cannot control your world.  You can only choose how you will react to it.

No one wants to suffer.  And it’s easy to let go.  It’s easy to embrace love.

So what do you have to lose?

Love and Blessings This Holiday Season!


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