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Closer, Stronger, Happier & Healthier

Closer, Stronger, Happier & Healthier

Closer, Stronger, Happier & Healthier

Dear Friend,

The other day my mother-in-law stopped by to visit and say “Hi” after our long absence from the area.  She also babysat while my wife and I hit a wedding.

Apparently she took some time to visit with my youngest son.  I did not know this, but she had been a bit concerned about him.  In the past he has had issues with acting out and “not playing nice.”  And she was concerned.

When my wife and I returned from the wedding, my mother-in-law took my wife aside and just raved about how well my son seemed to be doing.  His whole attitude had changed for the better, she said.  He was warmer and more affectionate.  “Whatever you’re doing, just keep it up.  It’s working,” she said.

The only thing different about my son’s life since my mother-in-law had last seen him was that we just completed our four-month road trip.

I realized other things now too.  The kids used to fight a lot more than they do now.  Sure, thy squabble a bit, but they aren’t as bitter towards each other.  Now they seem to be a real team.  They play nice.  And they really seem to enjoy each others’ company.

Being closer to my family has brought my family closer.  It has made my family stronger.  And it has made every one of us happier and healthier.

Try it for yourself.  Take a break from your “life” and never go back.  It does wonders!  😉

All the best,


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