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Fourteen Hundred Miles in Thirty Hours

A Very Long Drive...

A Very Long Drive...

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you from my big comfy bed in Virginia.

That’s right, we dropped the Warrior off at the RV doctor’s in Texas and drove a 15 passenger rented van full ‘o junk back to our house so that we could trash it with all of this stuff we have bought along the way.

Usually we do not do big drives.  I usually get tired early.  But with the kids moaning that the van wasn’t as cool as the motorhome, and memories of the pain of stopping at hotels with four kids, we just decided to make a run for it.

I haven’t seen so many cops since I don’t know when!  We saw five times as many cops on this run than we have seen during our entire journey up until now.  But we don’t speed, so it wasn’t a problem.  In fact, the speed limits were so high (65-75 MPH all the way) and the roads were generally so good that driving was easy and other drivers were courteous.

Our house is beautiful, and clean, and HUGE after living in an RV for four months.

Before we left home on our journey the kids would hang out upstairs on weekends in their playroom and I’d be downstairs watching the History Channel or something.  But after arriving home, I found it more comfortable to hang out upstairs with them for a bit.  It just felt more normal for some reason.

I can feel how I could slip back into my old habits, however.  And I don’t want to.  I am bored already, and itching to get back on the road.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of our neighbors just purchased a beautiful new sailboat.  It’s really big.  They run a sailing school, so it might be for that.

I could live in that boat!  Hmmmm.

I’m counting the days until the next round of travel.  But first there is Christmas…

Talk to you soon,


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