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So What’s Wrong With Dead Bunnies?

Ahhhhh!  Splat!  Ewwwww...

Ahhhhh! Splat! Ewwwww...

Dear Friend,

My kids have been complaining about the Internet filters we put on our PCs to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content.

My oldest is quite the crusader and may just be a budding Civil Rights lawyer.

Nevertheless, these things are necessary.

In protest, they have changed the background on one of our laptops to an image of a cartoon with a circle and slash over it, the image that they see indicating that inappropriate content was being accessed.

They insist that these filters block everything, even really uber sites such as Road Kill Bunny.  I suggested that, perhaps, the word “kill” in the title may have had something to do with it?

Anyway, for now, counsel has busied himself with other matters.  I do expect more protests over this issue in the near future.

Talk to you soon,


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