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Cruisin’ The Strip

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Vegas At Night

Dear Friend,

We’re in Vegas, baby!

Our campground is the KOA Circus Circus, right on the Vegas strip.  At night, our windows are lit up by the colorful lights of the famous casinos that line this route.

The gang headed out last night for an eight hour tour of the magic and mysteries of Las Vegas.

I, on the other hand, was laid up by some wear and tear on my carcass – the inevitable result of nearly 10,000 miles of driving over three months.  I will say no more on that.  I hope that by the morning I will be fit to hit some high spots with everybody else.

Either way, tomorrow afternoon we head off to the Grand Canyon to experience one of those “must see” tourist sights.  I am looking forward to it, however, as I have found on this journey that nature rarely disappoints.

Every stop we seem to enjoy our experience a bit better.  At least I do, even when my body doesn’t cooperate.

We have found that freedom is a beautiful and precious thing to experience.  Won’t you try it sometime, too?

All the best,


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