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Inspiring Families

Inspire Your Family

Inspire Your Family

Dear Friend,

Families don’t really exist until they “connect.”

Personally, I don’t define a family by who its members are, or even by how those members might be related to each.

I define a family by how it behaves, and by the degree of connectedness and cohesion between its members.  Even more, I define a family by the degree of personal respect and compassion that its members express toward each other.

I have a feeling that my definition leaves out a lot of “families.”

My goal is to inspire families.  I want folks to realize that the sort of qualities that I just mentioned are not “pie in the sky.”  When you live the kind of life that you are meant to live, families get closer.  They learn to trust and better understand each other.  And even if folks disagree or conflict, experiencing life together creates a sense of respect.

Real conflict between people is often preceded by an effort to dehumanize the person you are conflicting with.  This is natural and subconscious.  It is hard to dehumanize someone that you live close with every day.  So any conflict is usually boiled down to its simple essence, and is easier to address.

I thought that I knew my family before we began our new lifestyle.  And I thought that they knew me.  But you would be surprised by what you can discover about people when you really spend time with them.

I hope that my posts light tiny sparks within you, sparks that challenge the way you currently live your life.

I dare you not to put those sparks out.  Let ‘um burn.  And see what happens next.  I promise, life only gets better from here.

Talk to you soon,


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