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Our Tax Dollars At Work

Navy Tests New Flying Car Design

Navy Tests New Flying Car Design

Dear Friend,

In the course of our journey we have observed a great deal of construction going on all over North America.

In just about every circumstance, the quality of the work appears excellent.  The roadways and bridges throughout the US and Canada, at least to this amateur’s eye, look to be well cared for.

We have also enjoyed some beautiful national, state and provincial parks.  In almost every case, the facilities were neat, well maintained, and the staff were friendly and helpful.

What has surprised me, though, is that we have had to pay for the use of all of these facilities, and the local staff has informed us that ninety percent or more of their funding comes from their entrance fees.  In other words, our tax dollars do not fund these fine facilities.

Makes you wonder.  Exactly what do our tax dollars fund?

I’m sure that this data is readily available.  Then again, I have heard that some of our highest leaders really have no idea where all of this money goes.

Maybe we should just make all of government funded by user fees?  We could make the fees high enough to cover the poorer folks who can’t afford much.

At least this way, we’d know where all of the money goes.  And if we didn’t much like what they were doing with it, we could simply “cancel our order.”

What do you think?

All the best,


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