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A Giggle

Dear Friend,

No matter how stressed I get with my kids, when I hear them laugh – genuinely express natural and spontaneous joy – I can’t help but join them.

From the standpoint of parental discipline, this can be a problem.

For example, right now I am typing in the dark – my kids are telling a spooky story – and in our motorhome, that means all lights are off.

Now, they should be taking their baths and brushing their teeth.  And they left a mess on the floor, some of which could hurt if I stepped on it.

But, the pure joy that is in the air when kids are just naturally themselves is too precious to disturb – at least until the fighting starts.  Then it’s easy to take charge.

These moments only happen on occasion – at least when I can share them.  And I suspect that when I witness the raw, innocent energy of a child’s laugh, I am living in a bit of heaven.

I like that.

All the best,


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