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New FREE Guide to Persuading Your Partner Published!

Dear Friend,

You have made up your mind.  You are going to take the plunge.  Start your new life.  Live it your way.

Then reality socks you in the face.  What about your partner?  What will he or she think?  What if they nix the idea right off?  Or maybe they’ll just laugh – call it another of your hair-brained ideas – and refuse to take you seriously?  What do you do now?

Clearly, getting your partner to accept, and even embrace, your new lifestyle direction is a threshold issue that will determine where you go from here.  In a worst case scenario, you may find yourself choosing between your dreams and your partner, and that’s not a place any of us want to go.

But it doesn’t have to be that extreme.  There is a way, a series of techniques, that can be invaluable when you are dealing with both your precious dreams and your precious sweetie.

I have put together a free guide, 18 Secrets To Persuading Your Partner to Join Your Creative Family Lifestyle Dream! It’s built on the real life tested techniques that I an others use to make this tricky moment go off like clockwork.

Like I said, it’s FREE and it is exactly what you will need when this moment in your life arrives.

So get it here right now (http://www.hughdeburgh.com/PersuadeYourPartner.pdf).

I wish you the best of luck with your own creative family lifestyle!

All the best,


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