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I Believe Verizon Hates Canadians

Dear Friend,

As we ready to hit the road to Canada, I visited a local Verizon Wireless store today to make sure that my cell phones and 3G wireless “air” card will work there.  Here’s what I discovered.

As for the 3G air card.  There is a roaming charge when you cross the border.  It’s only $2 per megabyte of usage.  So if we hit the 5 gigabytes of usage that we often do next month, we are talking an extra charge of more than $10,000 for one month’s modest Internet usage in Canada.

Hmmm.  That sounds fair.  What do you think?

What are these people smoking?  Or perhaps they are hoping that at least some of their customers will simply trust them to deal with them in a consistently fair and reasonable way.   You know, the way I would expect my customers to trust me.  And I would be proud to honor that trust.

Apparently, companies life Verizon Wireless are simply more interested in fleecing folks.  I guess that they really don’t need loyal customers anymore.  Must be nice.

Anyway, take note of this.  I’m sure that other wireless carriers do the same thing.

If anyone can recommend a good wireless internet solution for a couple of months travel in Canada, I’d be mighty obliged.

Thanks a mil…or is it ten grand?

Hugh  ;-))

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