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I Finally Finished That %&*#$ Book!

Dear Friend,

Tonight I finished the manuscript for my new book, Families Without Limits!

Of course, I could have edited it about twenty more times, but you got to let it go at some point I suppose.

The Warrior is purring in the driveway as my wife organizes all the stuff that we are going to squeeze into that poor vehicle.

You know, we put a full-sized washer into that baby.  A fancy Samsung, with auto balancing and “Silver Care” (whatever that is).  And a dryer, too.  But the dryer heating element only works when we are plugged into shore power, as our generator puts out 110 volts only.

My wife is a wiz at organization and packing, so I know things will be done right.

Long ago, after some uncomfortable confrontations, we agreed that she would take full charge of all packing duties.  Which has worked out great for me as it allowed me to finished that manuscript up before we shoved off.

I’ll post more about availability of the finished book as soon as I know it.

In the mean time, I hope that you have an absolutely terrific week!  Mine will be spent on the road!

All the best,


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