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New Book Soon to Be Released!

Dear Friend,

Been putting the final touches on the new book I am about to release.  It’s titled, “Families Without Limits – Living Your Own Creative Family Lifestyle.”

I’m excited about this release!  This book is an excellent introduction to the philosophy that I encourage every family to adopt, and I hope that I can count on you to check out a copy! 😉

Also been getting lots of last minute details taken care of before the army shoves off early next week for our cross-continental journey in the Road Warrior.  Been busier than a one-armed paperhanger!

No post yesterday – sorry.  And today’s post is quite abbreviated.  However, hope to pick up the pace when we get back on the road.

Thank you for the support that I have received.  It has been fantastic!

Talk to you soon!

All the best,


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