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Now Get Off Your A**!

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of stillness in our lives.

Today I write about the importance of action!

Bottom line, when it comes to practical success, a predilection to action is far more important than skill, knowledge, or talent. The world is full of incredibly able people who achieve little of what is important to them. And the world is also full of people who are dumber than you, less talented than you, less skilled than you, and much richer than you.

Why is that?

In my experience, successful people shoot first and ask questions later. And the rest of the world generally gets out of their way. They know how to focus their energies and abilities at just the right moment and with just enough effort to overcome any obstacles that they may face.

There is a time for everything. There is a time for quiet stillness. And there is a time for focused action. Most people’s lives are filled instead with unfocused busy work and confused laziness.

Wanna be a success in life? Get control of your mind. Learn how to be quiet and loud at the moments that best serve your purposes. And you will get what you want.

All the best,


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