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Dear Friend,

I find myself too tired to blog this evening.

I have spent hours researching washers and dryers for our new RV, and I have discovered that I really do not want to be a market expert on compact washers and dryers when I grow up. I just want a great washer and a dryer that will work with the limited power environment of an RV (electric or gas).

I have also spent hours trying to find a replacement power cord for my oldest daughters new netbook PC. As a result of this research I have discovered that her little netbook has a weird and rare power plug, and that her model number must have been such a short production run that no one seems to know that any were made!

Aahhhhh! Too much work for a guy like me! Especially when I don’t really have satisfactory answers to my questions.

So I have decided to just chill out and skip my usual blogging.

Then again, I think that I just wrote my blog. Oh my.

I just can’t help myself I guess.

And to you aspiring writers out there, take note. Writing, like life, is what happens while you are planning other things.

Don’t think about your writing, just write! If I thought about my writing before I started typing, nothing would ever be written. And I know this from many years of getting nothing written.

So there!

Have a great day and all the best,


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