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Traveling Through a Twagedy

Dear Friend,

I apologize for missing a day or two of posts but I have been very busy.

My first reason for being so busy is that my family and I have been on the road looking for our new RV. We have now purchased one but we have been hanging out in hotel rooms waiting for the dealer to get it ready for the road.

While waiting, we cruised on down to San Antonio, Texas, in our rental minivan to check out a city that my wife and I last visited when we were dating, thirteen years ago. It is still beautiful. This time, we hit all of the spots that we had visited back then, but with our four kids in tow.

My second reason for missing some posts is a minor disaster that occurred with my Twitter account.

Twitter is an online social media Website that I use to network with people and to share ideas. I had over 20,000 people who followed my mini blog posts on Twitter before a few days ago when Twitters computer algorithms apparently decided that my long-standing account might actually have been spaming all of this time and froze my account! I had never even backed up my followers names! Four months of daily and nightly work potentially down the drain. I was devastated.

Since I am on the road with my family this couldn’t have come at a worse time.

If you are a Twitter user, would you please consider sending an email to suspended@twitter.com and telling them that I am a “good guy” and not a spammer, and could they please reactivate my account? It would be huge for me if you did. And could you please drop me a note on Twitter letting me know that you did this? My temporarty Twitter account name is hugh_deburgh. Thank you!!!

My Internet has been spotty on the road, and days have been so busy that I am writing this in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, I’ll keep you updated on our adventures. And I will continue to post on ways that you can take your first steps toward a life of creative adventure with your family.

Talk to you soon,


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