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We Bought a New Motorhome!

Dear Friend,

My family bought an RV motorhome today!

That’s right, one day after nausea city, we inked the deal on a new, class “Super C” RV motorhome.

The kids are going bonkers. Right this moment, they are jumping on the waiting room furniture at the dealership. I guess the dealer staff are putting up with us since we just wrote them a big down payment check.

It’ll probably be this Friday afternoon before the vehicle is ready. Until then, we’ll camp out at the Hampton Inn that we stayed at last night.

The dealer that we purchased from is Fun Time RV in Cleburne, Texas. The staff were nice and professional. Bargaining was smooth. We’ll see if the extras get installed and the details get taken care of by Friday.

In the mean time, the sales rep recommended that we take the kids to Hurricane Harbor Water Park, across the road from Six Flags near Fort Worth. Maybe we’ll check that out. With the 95 degree weather, the water park sounds better than walking in the sun at Six Flags.

On the other hand, there may be a lot of other cool things that we can do around here while we wait.

My eldest, who was begging to go back home to see his friends, has announced that he wants to start a cross country trip right away. Quite a turn-around for him!

We purchased one of the last super-low-price RV motorhomes available on the market.  One month ago the ads were swimming with them.  We knew that we had to buy now or miss our opportunity.

Anyway, my wife has gone off to the Borders bookstore to look for travel books on Texas. I just ordered a couple of delivery pizzas for the rest of us.

I’ll post more as things develop.

All the best,


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