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Dear Friend,

What does the word adventure mean to you? The popular media have created an image of adventure as adrenalin-soaked thrill-seeking behavior in an outdoorsy environment. And for some folks, that image fits perfectly.

But what if that kind of life just isn’t you? Are you cursed to live out a life of static boredom because your interests are considered boring by others? Is there such a thing as adventure that isn’t somehow life-or-limb-threatening?

People who live for a life that fits the traditional description of adventure don’t need me. They just need to live their dream. I am reaching out to the rest of us – people who long for the joy of a creative, adventurous life, but who imagine that if we follow our spirit, we just wouldn’t be as cool as those other guys.

Some folks are simply a bit ashamed of their passions. Especially guys. As a guy, do you think that the hot babe you just met would be more excited about spending time with you if you told her that your passion was bungee-jumping, or if your passion was butterfly collecting?

Of course, the ladies might say that it depends on the woman, but I think that most butterfly-collecting guys fear otherwise.

I’m not judging here. The opposite is true.

Dictionary.com defines adventure as follows:

ad⋅ven⋅ture – noun

1. An exciting or very unusual experience.
2. Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.
3. A bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

Clearly, the popular concept of adventure fits number three well. However, the truth is that any action that you take that fits either definition number one or two is a true adventure for you.

The first two definitions include the concept of excitement, while the third only mentions risk, hazards, and uncertainty. Number three implies excitement. However, if you don’t find risky behavior to be fun, then I would not label it adventurous either. At least, not for you.

The moral of this story is, to be adventurous, you must do what you find exciting, and not what your peers or the general culture considers exciting. Follow your passion. And forget about what everybody else seems to think.

Truth be told, many of your peers probably weren’t having much fun either, but were afraid to say so, until a brave soul like you came along and dared to break with the crowd and really follow your heart.

So, be adventurous. Do what you find exciting!

Have a great day!


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