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Dear Friend,

“There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.” ~Christopher Morley

That quote struck me as the essence of the message that I feel driven to communicate to anyone I meet whose face or attitude tell me they need to hear it.

You really can look into people’s eyes and know the state of their spirit. And in too many people’s eyes you will see an almost lost look of amorphous pain. It’s the look of a “life of quiet desperation” that is oft spoken of. You can also observe people’s expressed thought patterns, attitudes, and general life approach and get strong hints of the same thing, but I prefer the eyes, as what they say is very hard to disguise.

Satisfied people radiate energy. They may be CEOs or garbage men, it matters not. That look is always the same. Yet, when I the look around me on any common day the look I see most is a look of pain. I know that look because I have seen it in the mirror for so many of the years of my life and I have despised it. Lost years when I walked with the un-living, for I was one of them.

What is missing in people’s lives is a real sense of who they are, and of a life of purpose in sync with their true being. A self-designed, self-directed life of joy and true fulfillment.

I have come to believe that, once we exit our childhood, we often enter a life spent spiritually and emotionally asleep. I like to say that one must be born twice – once of the body and once more of the spirit. Perhaps it is my religious upbringing that paints the picture in this manner. Nevertheless, the analogy seems to fit. Only when the spirit is finally born is someone truly alive.

Most people exist between these two awakenings. It’s a purgatory kind of world. And unfortunately, it seems that most are never reborn of the spirit. Most, in other words, never wake up.

Only when someone wakes up can they become aware of their true self. Without such self knowledge, happiness is almost impossible to experience, and then only in fleeting moments.

The quiet of an unborn spirit often seems to leave the emotions somewhat numb. Many become bored with this “in-between” existence, and seek artificial stimulation to entertain themselves. Some use drugs or pursue thrilling experiences. These only mask the pain, as this is what drugs are good for, and such experiences are quite temporary and often injurious to the body as well.

The sense that something is missing from our lives pervades life, and grows with age. Some give up on happiness and become bitter. Some look to others to bring them happiness, which never succeeds and often puts serious stress on relationships.

How does one “wake up?” Well, consider this. How does your body wake up? Is it something that you will it to do? People often will their bodies to stay awake, but waking up – becoming physically conscious, is something that happens all on its own.

That is the lesson you need remember. To prepare yourself for your own awakening, you must learn to stop trying so hard. You must stop driving yourself. Your spirit is meant to be awake – to emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon. You are meant to be happy and fully alive. You must simply shut up your mind and let yourself be born.

Resistance to this process takes the form of any effort on your part – either intended to help the process along or not. So don’t try. This is a very basic, natural, and really primitive process. The brain is not needed. So turn it off – or I should say, distract it like you might a precocious child.

That is your task if you think you are not fully awake. And spreading this message of hope is mine. Here’s to our mutual success.

All the best,


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