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Nagging for Health

Dear Friend,

OK. I admit it. There are some things that we really want to achieve that are not directly connected to the passion in our lives. For me, one of those things is physical fitness.

I have always oscillated between very good fitness and couch potato status. I have gone for years, working out diligently, slimming down and feeling great. Then some big event will happen (a new job, new girl, or a move) and I’ll lose my momentum. Then I’ll go for years hardly working out at all. Like many people, my weight has done the roller-coaster ride. Scales have never been my friends. And once I get stuck in a rut, I have a hard time getting back on the horse.

The fact is, exercising is something that I’m not passionate about. I love being in great shape. I just am not that crazy about what I have to do to get there.

The problem, of course, is that physical fitness is not an option. If we let go of our bodies, eventually they will let go of us. And I plan to live a long, healthy life.

So recently, my 10 year old son decided that it was time for dad to get back in shape. You see, he’s a health nut. I drink diet soda (and get fat) while he sticks to fruit juice. So he sets me up with a pretty decent regimen, and religiously nags me to exercise daily. His program gives me a great workout. I always finish covered in perspiration and breathing deeply (now that’s an interesting mental image). I know that it is doing wonders for my health.

My point here (and you notice that I always seem to have a point in there somewhere ;-)), is that, sometimes, discipline and just plain old determination are necessary to achieve things that you have to do, whether you like doing them or not. Another important point is how critical to my success a cheering (and nagging) loved one has been, always nearby, making sure that I keep up what they know I really want to achieve anyway.

I’m a lucky guy. I hope that you are too.

All the best,


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