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Tweeting on Twitter

Dear Friend,

I’ve been hanging out on the Twitter online social network lately. If that sounds like Chinese to you, then let me explain.

Twitter.com is like a mini blog website. You can post tiny messages that are immediately broadcast to a group of folks who have chosen to “follow” you.

Honestly, my nature is rather shy. I’m no social butterfly. But I have found Twitter to be quite a good way to link up with other people who have similar views. It has also given me a good chance to try out my ideas on people before committing things to my blog.

Twitter is mentioned as a vehicle for promoting your business, establishing your professional credentials with the general public, and for networking with other people who you might never have met otherwise. It is a worldwide resource. It is also just hitting it’s stride in popularity, apparently.

Social networking websites like Twitter are quite a phenomenon. Many of the “Tweeters” as they are called are movie stars and TV personalities. However, others are ordinary people who just seem to be popular with other folks on the network.

I’ll keep you informed on my opinions of Twitter and the social networking phenomenon generally. Regardless, you should familiarize yourself with it and consider whether these websites might have a place in your business, personal or special interest life.

All the best,


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